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I wanted to know if this software is able to repost expired ads.You should set ‘renew ad’ and ‘delete ad’ to No, and ‘repost ad’ to Yes. It is under "More Options" tab (it is under Ads tab). You can also use search filter on the top left corner for quick search there
Add this ad to scheduler. Please go here http://cl.posting.software/help/2-add-ons/8-auto-scheduler.html
I get "the requested security protocol is not supported" unhandeled exceptionwhere are you getting captcha? On gmail? captcha solver is now free hidden part of the programgeneral
I get a recovery pop up with my gmail accounts. Gmail tells that phone verification is needed to recover itIt looks like gmail blocks every 2nd account for verification when you try to login to it. You can see this even in Internet Explorer if you try to login to 3 accounts consequently. So you should use yahoo accounts. You can also forward your gmail accounts to new yahoo accounts to keep your old cl accounts with gmail logins. Just replace pop3 section for themgeneral
How do i sign up for affiliate program ? The link yhats given how do you know who it is and how are you going to pay?Please go here http://claposter.com/affiliate.htm
You will get 15% by PayPal or bitcoins. No signup needed. Your link is your key. Just let us know your PayPal or bitcoin wallet. We track all activity for your link users by IP and can provide you stats. We process affiliate payments manually. You should send us payment request with your paypal email or wallet.
How can I cancel subscription?You can find a link to cancel your subscription in your order email. You will also receive subscription reminder allowing canceling it 7 days before recurring charge. Or send subscription cancelation request from here http://kjposter.com/tickets/open.php?tid=10general
i cant download demo on windows 10 ??Use the following steps to bypass SmartScreen and install a program.

1. When prompted by the Windows protected your PC window, click More Info.
2. Click Run anyway.
3. If prompted, click OK to proceed with installation.

If you can't see 'Run anyway' button then
1. Go to start menu and type Windows Defender you will get Windows Defender Security Center
2. Select App & browser control. Just click on it.
3. Next find Check apps and files and change it from Block to Warn.

Please go here https://www.technipages.com/bypass-download-failed-virus-detected-messages if you see 'Virus Detected' Message
You can Disable SmartScreen if you get "This app can't run on your pc" error. See Option 2 here https://www.drivereasy.com/knowledge/this-app-cant-run-on-your-pc-solved/

Or Try this link https://www.multiadposter.com/l.php?to=dl&f=claposter.exe
Right click on it and select “save link as”.

See also https://www.multiadposter.com/kb.aspx?dep=norton
I think Kijiji change their requirement for posting the picture. i have problem for posting the picture nowMinimum picture size is 300x300. Try to resize your image. Please go here https://www.google.com/#q=resize+image+onlinegeneral
can I run it on windows 8?You need to upgrade to windows 8.1 (it is free) as windows 8 doesn’t support Internet Explorer 11
Can I use openvpn with the program?You can use OpenVPN connections instead of proxies. Install OpenVPN. Place your .ovpn files into the program's folder (usually C:\CLAPoster) and input XYZ.ovpn file names instead of proxies (you can also specify full path to the files).general
May I use comments in script (for example: // SOME COMMENT or /* SOME COMMENT */ )Yes, it is !comment{SOME COMMENT }general