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I REALLY appreciate your follow up and the fact that you stand behind your product. You guys have always been responsive and I truly appreciate it. You truly are AMAZING! If you ever need a testimonial I am happy to do so.


CL Auto Poster - Post ads on craigslist automatically
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CL AUTO POSTING TOOL AFFILIATE PROGRAM now offers a premiere affiliate program designed to handsomely reward you for every person you refer to us. We offer a generous 15% commission on all purchases sent to us from you and all recurring monthly payments. The average order size is $35 per user. Based on the 15% commission rate you will receive $5.25 every month simply by sending customers our way!

Consider the following scenario:

Commission Scenario
Daily Sales Average Sale Amount Your Daily Commission
$ 35
$ 10.5 / month
$ 35
$ 26.3 / month
$ 35
$ 52.5 / month
$ 35
$ 105 / month

**NOTE** You may not promote our products directly on craigslist. We will end your affiliation if you are doing this. You also may not use our affiliate program to simply get a discount on our software. If caught doing so your affiliation will be ended.

This affiliate program is offered through IP monitoring and it is FREE to join. You just need to use a unique affiliate link so we can detect if a customer used it some day. Using this link will offer you commission of 15% through our affiliate system. The link is:

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CL Auto Poster - Post ads on craigslist automatically
CL Auto Poster - Post ads on craigslist automatically

This CL Auto Poster software makes posting Craigslist ads extremely easy! This automatic craigslist poster is a must have tool! Any type of Craigslist Autopost tool will automatically post craigslist ads. This Craigslist automatic poster software will lessen your posting time, manage your campaigns, and broaden your craigslist customer base. We respect posting craigslist ads and insist that you do not spam craigslist with any kind of autopost software!
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